Totally custom bracelet handmade with love. 

Letter elastic message bracelet with Swarovski and Gold or Silver colored finished. Choose any massage and colored Swarovski. If you would like to insert a heart bead, simply type "heart" in your message. Handle with care and keep dry. #bulabigirls


Size: XS= 15,5 cm | S= 16,5 cm | M= 17,5 cm | L= 19 cm | CM = if your arm doesn't fit typically size, please wrist your arm and write the lenght size you want.

Beads: Letter A-Z | Number: 0 - 9 | Special: Heart e Hashtag.

We reccomend 8 beads max.

** After clicking "Add to cart" you will be ready for create your message. Please type your message in the cart space "order note". Please include any information that is applicable (your choice of message, any special beads, and lenght if your arm dosn't fit the typically size)



Size Guide

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How to measure your wrist size for a perfect fitting?

Find your bracelet size with our easy to follow wrist measure instructions - it will only take a minute! 

Use a tape measure to wrap around your wrist and measure the lenght against a ruler to find your perfect size! 

If you have any questions about determining your size, our Customer Care Specialist will be glad to assist you. Please contact us at


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